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Le Fish

Hi there! I have been trying to watch the Princess Evangile w Happiness streams, but it says that there has been a critical error every time I try to do so.
Thought I should bring this up.
Thank you guys in advance 🙂

Lost Pause Backups

Should be fixed now!

Little timmy

You done or you just taking a break it’s fine ether way thanks for your work bro

Lost Pause Backups

A small break, I’m just trying to keep everyting up and running at the moment, but starting next year I will have some more free time so I can update this site.


Where is Pokémon dnd ep 17


I know in the first few minutes of the vod they say that it’s episode 17 not 18 but when you get to the recap of what happened in the previous episode, the events noble describes are things that did not happen in episode 16. Episode 16 ended with them getting to the inn to rest before they head back to cyndaville. “Pokemon DnD ep 18!!!! Let’s gooooooo!!!!!” does not pick up where episode 16 left off. Someone said that the actual episode 17 was done during day 3 of the subathon, I can’t say for sure if they were… Read more »


I know this won’t be read, but in hopes that it would be, can the full VOD for subathon day 3 be uploaded because that is where Pokemon D&D 17 is hidden in.


Hi, I was just curious when Pokemon Dnd 17 might be added. It goes up to 16 on here and only 18 and 19 are available on Noble’s twitch. Just wondering, thanks


What videos are the moemon? His playthrough


Is there no Pokémon dnd ep 7


Thank, I didn’t check the front, I just check the Pokémon Dnd section. This is my first time here


Do you have RWBY volume 3 reaction ?


Did Noble every play the rest of Nekopara Vol. 4?


That is a shame, I came here looking for it and I was worried he didn’t play it. Much disappointment. I really hoped that Shigure wouldn’t be added to the bunch but I figured I was hoping in vain.


Is there a Persona 5 episode 28?


Is there or could there be some sort of update or status board or something? It’d help me for one to get more of an insight into the streams that aren’t full length I’m just so confused on the status of things especially with the streams that are “fixed” The code vein streams are still not fixed and I made sure to check the “fixed” and original ones I can’t help but wonder if it will ever get addressed since it’s not fixed even after one of the staff giving an estimate of 2 weeks to my initial question 3… Read more »

Lost Pause Backups

I’m really sorry about the delay. All the streams should be fixed now. Some of the code vein streams are split because of stream crashes but it should be complete now.


It’s very confusing it still seems to be missing pieces ;;;

Lost Pause Backups

I’ve just compared the stream lengths with the data scraped from Twitch. There are only a few minutes missing from some of the streams:
Code Vein stream length


Do you have rwby reaction volume 4?


The code vein with the “fixed” on them really don’t seem to be fixed at all it’s the same not being at the full length qwq

Hoshou Marine ch.

Im Horny

Ammar Shaikh

Hi. Did Noble complete Subnautica. I cannot find the final VOD

Lost Pause Backups

I just noticed there are a few VODS missing between February 7th 2019 and March 12th 2019. The VOD ‘Finishing subnautica’ is one of them. I’m working on uploading them ASAP.


Will the code vein streams length be fixed?

Lost Pause Backups

Yes, My estimate is within 2 weeks


Please let know when fixed really want to see them ToT


Wait he never finished the game?


what game are you talking about?


I really admire what is done here

Zenshi Yukazashi

Has something happened? I can’t seem to watch the Twitch streams. They’re infinitely loading for me.

Zenshi Yukazashi

…… False alarm. Idk why, but it seems like it loads a lot more now. At least it still runs.


Do you think you will be able to upload Nagzz’s and Noble’s Raft twitch streams? I don’t know if either of them will upload it to YouTube, so I hope I can get them here.


I always wanted to see noble play spiderman but I wonder why he choose not to finish it I mean the game gets quite emotional on the other half of the game.


Can you please recover this vod? This guy is permabanned from twitch…


Is there a way to download the twitch archive on this site?
The download button doesn’t work.

Lost Pause Backups

The problem with the download button has been fixed.


So did he ever complete Persona 5 ?


That’s good to know, so when is the rest of it gonna be uploaded ?

AngryAlienSpaceship (Admin)

I’m the one that uploads the streams, but the one that upload the Persona 5 streams is a different person. I’m gonna ask the admin what happened with those streams.


How many episodes of Persona 5 did he make?


Is there a way I can view the rest? Currently, there are 23/41 episodes if I’m not mistaken.Thanks for running this site! I appreciate the effort


Wairt so did he ever complete persona 5?

Lost Pause Backups

The persona 5 streams ep. 21, 22 and 23 will be uploaded soon


the twitch streams of love cube on the 8 aug 2019 is only 7 min. is this normal?


Yeah, some of the streams have these problems. The staff are working on it, but in the mean time you can use this if you want:


What’s with these stream video lengths? Like i clicked on a few Sellout Sundays and they were around 40 minutes long when we know that Sellout Sundays are around 2 hours in length

Lost Pause Backups

Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t notice myself because I was really busy last few weeks. We are currently investigating this issue. I checked last few Sellout Sunday streams and it seems like it is getting worse and worse.


I’ve been archiving the twitch streams over on internet archive:

Some of my archives might be incomplete as well, but I hope this is of use to you.

Lost Pause Backups

Thanks, I’ll probably need to download some of the streams from your archives because streams between 2019-09-12 and 2019-12-25 got corrupted on this site.

Ethan Dehn

Do you have the Nekopara Extra streams by any chance?

Baka Baka

Can you upload his Dark Souls 3 or Jump Force streams?


I’m glad I found this it’s just a shame I didn’t find in soon enough, I missed out on hit BoTW stream and wish I didn’t


Do you have tales of zestiria walkthrough by any chance? I know Noble played this a long time ago but I just completed the game myself not too long ago and I didn’t have time to watch his twitch vids

Lost Pause Backups

The Tales of Zestiria walkthrough was uploaded to YouTube but got deleted. You can watch it here:


Hey thanks. Forgot all about this


Thanks a lot for doing this. Btw, would you happen to have 4 Goddesses Online streams?


If you’re still interested, I’ve uploaded some of them here:


Any chance you have the princess evangile with happiness streams?


google link is not working:
404. The requested URL was not found on this server.

will it get reuploaded, or how about uploading the videos with the rest of the Princess Evangile?

Lost Pause Backups

Everything will be reuploaded to this site. Check this page for the upload order:


Could you please reupload them? I want to see the other streams that aren’t on YT.


Error 404 ;c

Please, I beg of you to fix the link. I need to see Noble do Ruriko route at all cost.

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