Videos from Backup


Feb 15 2019:

  • Added My Ex-boyfriend the Space Tyrant tot the waiting to be uploaded list.

Feb 13 2019:

  • Added Jade episodes.
  • Some minor changes to the styling.
  • Updated meta data on some pages.

Feb 10 2019:

  • Added Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 episodes.
  • Added Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 episodes.
  • Added Akiba’s Trip Undead and Undressed episodes.
  • Added Hatsune Miku Waifu Game episodes.

Dec 29 2018:

  • Added Nekopara Vol. 0 episodes.
  • Added Nekopara Vol. 1 episodes.
  • Added Nekopara Vol. 2 episodes.
  • Added some Noble Reacts episodes.

Waiting to be uploaded:

  • Chrono Clock 720p
  • Five Night’s at Freddy’s Date Sim 360p
  • Five Night’s at Freddy’s Sexy Anime 360p
  • Five Nights at F*ckgirl’s 360p
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s Dating Sim 360p
  • Five Nights in Anime the Novel 360p
  • Highschool DXD_Rias Dating Simulator 720p
  • If Minecraft was a Terrible Hentai Remastered 360p
  • If Minecraft Was A Terrible Porno! 360p
  • Kokoro no Doki Doki Senpai: Milky Pantsu Adventure Feat. The Anime Man 360p
  • Shan Gui
  • The Reject Demon Toko 360p
  • Your Faithful Companion
  • My Ex-boyfriend the Space Tyrant

Missing eps waiting to be uploaded:

  • An Adventure Time Oculus Rift Game
  • deIz ep 7,15 & 20
  • Fairy Fencer F ep 6,9 & 13
  • Go! Go! Nippon! 2015 ep 7 & finale 360p
  • GoGoNippon ep 6 & 9 360p
  • Hyperdevotion Noire:Goddess Black Heart ep 2 720p
  • If You Met Your Anime Waifu Vol 2 ep 1,2 & 3 720p
  • Katawa Shoujo ep 18
  • Lovekami ~ Useless Goddess ep 1
  • MY TRY NOT CRINGE CHALLENGE (What Has the World Come To Edition?) 720p
  • MY TRY NOT TO CRINGE CHALLENGE (Gone Too Far Edition) 720p
  • Super Star ep 3 720p
  • Tokyo School Life ep 56

All deleted noble reaction video’s 360p & 720p:

  • *SO MUCH BOOB GROPING – Noble Reacts to Top 5 Funny Anime Moments Of Summer 2015
  • *A NAKED HELLO – Noble Reacts to Anime Cracks and Vines
  • *BANANAS DON’T DO THAT – Noble Reacts to Anime on Crack
  • *BATTLE BOOBIES BRAWL!_ – Noble Reacts to Anime Vines/Cracks
  • BODIES DON’T BEND LIKE THAT! – Noble Reacts to Anime Crack
  • BOOB SLAPPING – Noble Reacts to Anime on Crack
  • BOUNCY BOOBIE BOXING – Noble Reacts to GIFs With Sound ANIME Edition #1&2
  • DONALD TRUMP LIKES ANIME!_ – Noble Reacts to Anime Cracks
  • FART TO THE FACE – Noble Reacts to Anime Cracks
  • HARDCORE POPSICLE SUCKING – Noble Reacts to Just Animu Things
  • JONTRON DOESN’T LIKE WHERE THIS IS GOING – Noble Reacts to Anime Cracks/Vines
  • LOOK AT MY PANTIES ONII-CHAN! – Noble Reacts to Anime Cracks
  • LOOKING AT BOOBS THE GAME – Noble Reacts to Sonicomi Trailer
  • Noble Reacts to My Most Sexual, Disturbing and Funniest Moments
  • +HILARIOUSLY FABULOUS MANSERVICE – Noble Reacts to 50% OFF Episodes 1-3
  • +KILLING SANTA AND TAKING HIS JOB – Noble Reaction A Very Hellsing Christmas Special
  • +RIDDING THE WORLD OF IDIOTS – Noble Reacts to The Kirito is Always Right Foundation
  • +THAT’S NOT HOW YOU CLEAN WINDOWS! – Noble Reacts to Anime Cracks
  • +THE ULTIMATE WEEABOO – Noble Reacts to Weeaboos
  • +TRAINS AND BIG ANIME BOOBIES – Noble Reacts to Rail Whores
  • PRAISE THE FANSERVICE! – Noble Reacts to Anime Vines
  • PRETTY SURE THAT’S FROM A HENTAI – Noble Reacts to Anime Crack
  • SAVED BY THE BOOBS – Noble Reacts to Anime Crack 1 & 2
  • SHE LOVES HOT YOGURT WHAT!? – Noble Reacts to Misheard Anime Lyric Collection
  • SUBDUED BY INTENSE KISSING – Noble Reacts to Anime Cracks
  • THE BREAST WAY TO WAKE SOMEONE UP – Noble Reacts to Anime Vines _ Cracks
  • WHAT’S THAT UNDER HER SKIRT!- – Noble Reacts to Best Anime Gifs with Sound
  • WHATCHU GONNA DO WITH THAT BIG FAT BUTT? __ Noble Reacts to Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle – AMV
  • WHY DID I DO THIS_ – Noble Reacts to Noble Loves Lolis
  • WHY SO MANY VAGINAS- – Noble Reacts to Anime Vines
  • Noble Reacts to -TFS- Hellsing Ultimate Abridged
  • Noble Reacts to Bikini Warriors
  • Noble Reacts to Danmachi Abridged
  • Noble Reacts to None Piece
  • Noble Reacts to Otaku Lyrics
  • Noble reacts to RWBY 360p & 720p
  • Noble Reacts to SAO Abridged Parody
  • Noble Reacts to The Seven Deadly Schmucks!

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i can also help with the nekopara 1 and akiba’s trip cause i have the whole series so let me know if u needed any help man.
noble is a great guy i hate seeing his vids taken down because of random reasons,and also u are a great person cause your reviving these good memories.
anyhow gl out there man.


Thank you very much for this, I would give you money, but all of it is cash.

Derrail Reynolds, Jr.
Derrail Reynolds, Jr.

I just want to thank you so very much for everything you do for the Lost Pause fanbase by protecting and resharing all these gems. You’re doing God’s work by doing this, and you have my support!


Only if I could help buy anyways great project and keep on at it!


By Any Chance can you find Princess Evangile Ep. 75 It will complete.


I may be on the LP backups team, but I am a minimal part in the project. I would just like to say that anyone can share the site with other fans, so go spread it.


Ep 2 of MegaTagmension Blanc is unaccessible from LP’s channel right now. could be reuploaded here?, really liked that series