Deleted Video Archive

Welcome to the Lost Pause Backups site! On this fan made website it’s possible to watch the videos that got deleted from the Lost Pause channel.

We are trying to re-upload every video that got deleted from the Lost Pause channel. However, some videos have unfortunately been lost and therefore can not be uploaded to this site.

If you want to support us and help with keeping this site online you can support us on Patreon:

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Currently uploaded series

Keep in mind that not every video is uploaded yet.

On the next page there’s a list of all the videos/series that are not yet uploaded to the site.

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i can also help with the nekopara 1 and akiba’s trip cause i have the whole series so let me know if u needed any help man.
noble is a great guy i hate seeing his vids taken down because of random reasons,and also u are a great person cause your reviving these good memories.
anyhow gl out there man.


I’m a relative newcomer to the channel, found it two summers ago when projekt melody was becoming popular and I’m happy to know I can watch his old let’s plays somewhere. I missed the old, fulfilling to watch youtube content like this


Actually, I have a suggestion; default sort is by newest, so people don’t think this site’s been dead for years or something, I thought the last post was 3 years ago till I scrolled down and looekd


Its good to see that you guys are doing well with the uploads thank you for brining all of these video’s back to the internet. 30 bucks well spent to keep this site going nice and smooth

Christian Brunner

Thank you for doing this


I got lucky in finding an archive of the lost pause lovecube video with projekt melody, and the others. I couldn’t download it, so I had to record it. Since it’s not up here, I was thinking on sharing the video. Is there a way to upload it?


Would you guys ever consider making a torrent for the finished series? I’d like to download (and seed) some stuff but I don’t wanna nuke your server by mass-downloading


Omg thank you so much I would love to give money but I got nothin yet


Defininly like seeing something like this be around for anything that can get ressurected. A great majority of these series here are something I watched when he uploaded it and never knew they were deleted.


Has anyone seen Noble’s Valkyria Chronicles videos? It’s what brought me to Lost Pause, but they’re gone, like the rum. I wish Lost Pause could do Vidya games again without YouTube calling in the CCP’s PLA.

Dark Phoenix

Hey guys do you have the Doki Doki Literature Club streams with Projekt Melody, Iron Mouse, Bunny_GIF, Silvervale?

Dancing neko

Hey, a chunk of xenoblade 2 is missing, the part where poppi gets introduced

Ben Hartwell

lost pause japanese school life ep 2 it’s not working on YouTube some reason can upload it for me please 😊

Ben Hartwell

I found it but it’s not playing some reason

Ben Hartwell

Never mind I found it on you lost pause japanese school life ep 2

Ben Hartwell

This needs to reupload lost pause japanese school life ep 2


Hey, Could we get Toko the reject demon?


Does anyone have the video where Noble reacted to the Lost Pause anime opening that Rawshaw made? It isn’t on youtube anymore

Isaac Clark

So I’m assuming we can no longer download the videos from here. Well darn I was trying to put some backed up into my google drive

Isaac Clark

Thank ya kundly


Hello I know this is very late but do you have first chapter of Princess Evangile W Happiness Mitsuki Route And Any Other Characters Route Because I can’t See It Everywhere Thanks.

If someone has it can I get a link I just want to watch it thanks 😊


Hello When I Watch Princess Evangile W/ Happiness Stream It Keeps Buffering Every seconds. can it fix. thanks. 🙂

the boi

Hey do you guys have the og version of this vid?
The Naruto Sakura joke at around the 2 minute mark appears to have been edited out


thank you so much for this website


Finally I can re-watch more of some NEKOPARA!!! Cinnamon is best big boob’s neko…


Have the Hentai Memes videos that Noble deleted been uploaded yet and if not when will they be uploaded?


Will you upload his Hentai memes #2?


Hey, can you upload Lost Pause’s quotev quizzes that were deleted? Pretty please? Thanks a lot, and great job on the site!


Will You Uploaded Princess Evangile W/ Happiness?



Hey guys. Do any of you have his Tales of Berseria playthroughs?

I really want to see him play it.


Just wanted to thank everyone on the team for this site!


Wow! This Website Is Great!
Keep It Up Guys!
Can’t Wait to See This Website Upgrade Some More 👍


Apparently every single milky pantsu adventure videos he did is no longer available on his channel except for the finale

Nvm just read through the list :p


Ep 2 of MegaTagmension Blanc is unaccessible from LP’s channel right now. could be reuploaded here?, really liked that series


I may be on the LP backups team, but I am a minimal part in the project. I would just like to say that anyone can share the site with other fans, so go spread it.


By Any Chance can you find Princess Evangile Ep. 75 It will complete.


Then you can try ask Noble sempai? I’m sure this may benefit him.


if u wanted we could ask him in the #noblesenpai episodes to see if he could help you out with this site and the recovery.
i actually wanted to do it but i thought i should get your permission first soo, yup let us know 🙂


consider it done. as for the invite, i don’t have discord but if you wanted, feel free to send one and ill try to get discord. XD


Only if I could help buy anyways great project and keep on at it!

Derrail Reynolds, Jr.

I just want to thank you so very much for everything you do for the Lost Pause fanbase by protecting and resharing all these gems. You’re doing God’s work by doing this, and you have my support!


Thank you very much for this, I would give you money, but all of it is cash.

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